Singer. Songwriter. Music Video Producer.


Julia "Jayhan" Handschin is a singer, songwriter and music producer who's lent her music skills to numerous music projects across the world, from composing themes for independent short films to contributing vocals to AAA video game developments.

At a very young age, she performed in school choirs and school bands for school events and UN-related conferences, refining her skills when she took up flute lessons at the age of 9 and singing lessons at the age of 13. She created her own YouTube channel and started posting music videos, at first focusing more on vocal covers until she started arranging her own music tracks. Heavily influenced by her love for character-driven stories and epic music scores, she went on to write original songs inspired by the movies, tv series, books and video games she enjoyed.

Julia's powerful vocals and unique timbre brought her to work on tracks that required strong vocals, from Hard Rock songs to Jazz music. Her personal music projects are a mix of Orchestral Rock, Ballads, Cinematic and New Age music. As a result, she currently works both as a vocalist and as a songwriter and composer, individually as well as collaboratively with other musicians, singers and music producers from around the world.

Though a hobby, Julia also enjoys doing some voice over work, to which she's credited in animation shorts and independent video games.


Collaborating worldwide: Materia Collective & hitRECord

To stay in touch with other music producers who enjoy video game music, Julia joined Materia Collective, the independant video game music network and record label in 2017. Inspired by the hard work of fellow musicians, arrangers and singers, she has since participated in numerous album projects, including "FATE: A Tribute to Majora's Mask"and more recently "MENU: An Homage to Game Title Themes".

Later on, Julia joined hitRECord in June 2018, the multi-creative production platform to work as a singer, songwriter and musician on the upcoming Ubisoft game, Beyond Good and Evil 2. So far, she's confirmed to be involved in 10 out of 18 tracks produced for the game's Pirate Radio, Radio Cheetah. Having enjoyed the creative, collaborative experience, she has remained active on the platform ever since.


Passion for Video Production

Years on YouTube introduced her to the world of video production, which she decided to pursue while attending Webster University in Geneva. Majoring in Media and Communications with a  keen interest in film production, she took on scriptwriting, video production as well photography to improve her crafts.

During her studies, she worked several times as a production assistant on student-run short films, music videos showcasing indie artists (Chalet Sessions) and informercials for high-end watch bands (PA on Jacob & Co.'s Astronomia Tourbillon). She also travelled around to film and produce short clips and documentaries during school trips and school events. As a result, she now teaches video production in private schools and summer school to young, aspiring filmmakers, all the while enhancing her video production skills and taking on bigger music projects.


Storytelling through music

Julia believes that drawing inspiration from the things we love is a necessity to help aspiring musicians practice their skills while allowing their creativity to produce something unique. Her love for narrative-driven animation, movies, tv shows and video games would lead her to tap into different songwriting, composition and storytelling techniques, which would give her opportunities to work on bigger, more ambitious projects.

For starters, she worked as a musician and vocalist for a fan-produced Sonic the Hedgehog short film, "Sweet Dream", all the while working as a composer for the animator Randall Ng's Transformers-themed animation short, "Energ0n Shuffle".

Later on, Doug Walker, also known as the internet personality Nostalgia Critic, hired her as the theme composer to the Nostalgia Critic's Nostalgia-ween series after having seen her rearrangement of the Nostalgia Critic's theme. She has maintained that title since 2016.

And finally, after the game company Ubisoft announced "Beyond Good and Evil 2" during E3 2017, she wrote an original Beyond Good and Evil song titled "Beyond the Stars" to pay tribute to its predecessor, using one of the original game's more prominent themes in the chorus. A year later, she would find herself involved as a singer and songwriter in Ubisoft's upcoming title, "Beyond Good and Evil 2".

Nostalgia-ween Themes
The Most Beautiful Day - Short Film
Sweet Dream - Animation short
Energ0n Shuffle - Animation Short
Beyond Good and Evil 2's Space Pirate Radio Project
Transformers: Ascension
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List of work credits in films, animations & games

- Composer, vocalist on Transformers: Ascension stop-motion fan series.

- Vocalist, musician on Sonic the Hedgehog short film "Sweet Dream".

- Composer on Randall Ng's Transformers-themed short film "Energ0n Shuffle"

- Vocalist on Einar Kuusk's short film "The Most Beautiful Day"

- Theme Composer on the Nostalgia Critic's Nostalgia-ween web series

- Announcer on indie brawler video game "Splash Blast Panic"

- Vocalist, songwriter on Ubisoft's Beyond Good and Evil 2 soundtrack.